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PERFORM's researcher members and specialists in health and disease prevention play an important role in cultivating interdisciplinary and collaborative research that creates links between a variety of traditional and non-traditional disciplines in an effort to improve health across the population. We strive to advance knowledge and train future generations of researchers. In addition to fostering multidisciplinary collaborations, we also teach for tomorrow in generating training opportunities for the next generation of health-care professionals and practitioners. In support of this endeavour, we promote research knowledge transfer by hosting research talks and an annual international conference.

The research infrastructure at the PERFORM Centre is designed to generate and support multidisciplinary studies where researchers can investigate many aspects of the promotion of better health through prevention in innovative ways.

The membership structure at PERFORM is intended to accommodate a wide range of research interests and foster a culture of collegiality, innovation and excellence in research development, community engagement and educational opportunities.

Membership is renewable every three years. At the end of their mandate, PERFORM researcher members will be expected to apply for membership renewal for ratification by the Scientific Director.

General Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for researcher membership, individuals must:



Review Process

Interested candidates can submit applications for research membership at PERFORM to the Assistant Director, Research Development Initiatives, Lynn Roy ( at any time. Included with the application should be a one page summary of the proposed research program that demonstrates fit with PERFORM Centre mission/vision as well as a CV. The application is then submitted to the Scientific Director for consideration. The SD may then recommend membership and submit the application to the Executive Committee. Applications are reviewed two (2) times per year to coincide with Executive Committee Meetings.

In addition to the membership criteria, the committee will take into account the potential for unique contributions to PERFORM's vision and mission.

During the application process, interested candidates will be required to present a research program, that highlights potential for collaboration with PERFORM researcher members.

Renewal Process

All PERFORM researchers will be contacted at the end of their mandate (Full Members renewed every three years and Associate Members renewed every 5 years). Those wishing to renew their membership with PERFORM will be invited to apply for membership renewal for ratification by the Scientific Director at the end of their mandate.

The renewal process for Full Members involves:

The renewal process for Associate Members involves:

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