Concordia University PERFORM Centre

Set up a Xerox MFD Printer on your computer  

Set up a Xerox MFD Printer at PERFORM on your computer.


For support with printer problems or set up, contact DPrint, or the Concordia Helpline:

You can also make an appointment with Desktop Support for someone to set up printing on your computer.

The following are the printer queues available at PERFORM:

\\\C8055_PCS105$ (AT Clinic/Basement Reception Printer)
\\\C8055_PC2410$ (2nd Floor Staff Copy Room Printer)

The naming convention for the print queues is   PRINTERMODEL_BldgROOM$
(ie. _PC2210 = PC Building, 2nd Floor, room 210)


To install a printer in Windows: while on the Concordia network, merely enter the appropriate URL above into the address bar in Windows Explorer. If you are using a computer that is joined to the Concordia domain (ie. you log in with your Netname), printer setup from that point on will be automatic.

For a non domain-joined computer, you will be prompted for your login information. When that occurs, enter your user name as "CONCORDIA\yournetname", and then your password (you may need to select the "Use another account" option). Check the "Remember my credentials" box so you won't be prompted every time you try to connect to the printer.

For installation instructions for Mac OSX see the DPrint Faculty and Staff Printing page