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Body Composition Asymmetry in University Rugby Players: Influence of Sex, Position, and Injury

Author(s): Cohen TR; Rosenstein B; Rizk A; Frenette S; Fortin M;

Context: Measures of side-to-side asymmetry in body composition may help identify players who are predisposed to lower limb injuries (LLI) or lower back pain (LBP). This study aimed to examine (1) side-to-side asymmetry in college rugby players according to ...

Article GUID: 36724794

Adolescents' reports of chaos within the family home environment: Investigating associations with lifestyle behaviours and obesity

Author(s): Van Hulst A; Jayanetti S; Sanson-Rosas AM; Harbec MJ; Kakinami L; Barnett TA; Henderson M; ...

Objective: Disorganised and chaotic home environments may hinder the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviours and contribute to excessive weight gain among adolescents. We examined whether self-rep ...

Article GUID: 36701326

Comparison of multifidus muscle intramuscular fat by ultrasound echo intensity and fat-water based MR images in individuals with chronic low back pain

Author(s): Crook J; Masi S; Naghdi N; Roussac A; Rye M; Rosenstein B; Rivaz H; Boily M; Weber MH; Fortin M; ...

Purpose: The aim of this observational cross-sectional study was to examine correlations of intramuscular fat content in lumbar multifidus (LM) by comparing muscle echo intensity (EI) and percent f ...

Article GUID: 36658047

Online physical exercise intervention in older adults during lockdown: Can we improve the recipe?

Author(s): Granet J; Peyrusqué E; Ruiz F; Buckinx F; Abdelkader LB; Dang-Vu TT; Sirois MJ; Gouin JP; Pageaux B; Aubertin-Leheudre M; ...

Background: Recorded and live online physical exercise (PE) interventions are known to provide health benefits. However, the effects of prioritizing the number of live or recorded sessions remain u ...

Article GUID: 36635450

Deep learning for collateral evaluation in ischemic stroke with imbalanced data

Author(s): Aktar M; Reyes J; Tampieri D; Rivaz H; Xiao Y; Kersten-Oertel M;

Purpose: Collateral evaluation is typically done using visual inspection of cerebral images and thus suffers from intra- and inter-rater variability. Large open databases of ischemic stroke patients are rare, limiting the use of deep learning methods in tre ...

Article GUID: 36635594

Sex-Specific Interactions Between Hearing and Memory in Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment: Findings From the COMPASS-ND Study

Author(s): Al-Yawer F; Pichora-Fuller MK; Wittich W; Mick P; Giroud N; Rehan S; Phillips NA;

Objectives: Hearing loss (HL) in older adults is associated with a decline in performance on cognitive tasks and the risk of developing dementia. However, very few studies have investigated sex-related effects on these associations. A previous study of cogn ...

Article GUID: 36607746

Editorial: Qualitative pain research: Capturing and integrating cultural, social and linguistic data

Author(s): Khalili-Mahani N; Mischkowski D; Hovey RB;

No abstract

Article GUID: 36506270

Neural correlates of recall and extinction in a rat model of appetitive Pavlovian conditioning

Author(s): Brown A; Villaruel FR; Chaudhri N;

Extinction is a fundamental form of inhibitory learning that is important for adapting to changing environmental contingencies. While numerous studies have investigated the neural correlates of extinction using Pavlovian fear conditioning and appetitive ope ...

Article GUID: 36496079

Integrating machine learning and digital microfluidics for screening experimental conditions

Author(s): Ahmadi F; Simchi M; Perry JM; Frenette S; Benali H; Soucy JP; Massarweh G; Shih SCC;

Digital microfluidics (DMF) has the signatures of an ideal liquid handling platform - as shown through almost two decades of automated biological and chemical assays. However, in the current state of DMF, we are still limited by the number of parallel biolo ...

Article GUID: 36416045