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Area: Physiological Suite Brite 24 fNIRS
Compliance Documents related to using this facility:
Platform Name: fNIRS 2
Model/Type: Brite 24 fNIRS
Description: Artinis device for continuous wave fNIRS recording. Each device contains 10 sources and 10 detectors (+4 detectors for short-separation channels) allowing from 24 to 56 channels sampled at 100Hz. The device is also recording accelerometer data and comes with cap of different sizes. Includes access to Artinis data acquisition software.
System is paired with an acquisition laptop.
Location: PC S1.167
Disclaimer Please note that there are restrictions on the use of the PERFORM Centre's equipment. As such, some items may not be removed from our facilities. For details, please contact the Platform Supervisor.
Note: This is system 2 of 2. Both systems are identical. This is to be used with the acquisition laptop labeled Brite 2.


Days of week: SuMTWThFSa
Weekday hrs: 07:00 - 19:30
Weekend hrs: 09:00 - 17:00


Marchiano Oh

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