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PERFORM Methodological Workshop in Imaging

Longitudinal Analysis with Neuroimaging Data

May 20, 2016

An Inaugural Event

On May 20th, 2016, on behalf of PERFORM Applied Bio-Imaging Committee, the PERFORM Centre will host its first Methodological Workshop in Imaging at Concordia University's Loyola Campus. The theme of this first workshop will be Methdology dedicated for Longitudinal Analysis with Neuroimaging Data.

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous growth in modeling of functional and anatomical neuroimaging data, suggesting the development of new promising biomarkers. One important issue that research is now facing, is how to validate these new biomarkers and how to integrate the large amount of existing and rapidly accumulating multimodal and multi-scale neuroimaging data, with clinical, genetic, metabolic and behavioral variables.

The end goal of this workshop is to present new methodological tools dedicated to such studies, involving especially the analysis of longitudinal data in neuroimaging. What are the common pitfalls to avoid and the specificities imposed by the use of neuroimaging data when performing longitudinal studies?

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn new methods dealing with data normalization, data mining, statistical modeling and inference testing in large-scale, multimodal and longitudinal neuroimaging studies. The workshop will consist of a series of five talks from experts in the domain, who will introduce longitudinal studies involving different neuroimaging modalities (MRI, fMRI, PET, EEG), while focussing on specific methods to analyze those data. To enhance the didactic aspects of the workshop, time for questions from the audience and discussion will be encouraged.

Please note the change of location: the workshop will now take place in the Oscar Peterson Hall.

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