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Longitudinal Analysis with Neuroimaging Data

May 20, 2016

Morning Session

Chaired by Dr. Christophe Grova

Start End Topic Presenter
9:00 10:00 Measuring progressive brain changes using structural MRI in health and illness Dr. Mallar Chakravarty
10:00 11:00 Statistical methods for brain imaging longitudinal studies: theory and practice Dr. Felix Carbonell
11:00 11:15 Break
11:15 12:15 Imaging Amyloid Proteins in Aging and Dementia Dr. Sylvia Villeneuve
12:15 13:15 Lunch

Afternoon Session

Chaired by Dr. Habib Benali

Start End Topic Presenter
13:15 14:15 Matrix-Tensor network methods for Brain Connectivity Dr. Pedro Valdes-Sosa
14:15 15:15 Mining the heterogeneity of brain connectivity networks in large population samples using fMRI Dr. Pierre Bellec
15:15 15:30 Closing remarks Dr. Habib Benali

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