Physiology Suite:

The Physiology Suite is a platform dedicated to using brain imaging techniques and integrating multimodal functional data to study brain mechanisms.

EEG (BrainAmp MRI Plus, BrainAmp EXG MRI)

EEG/rTMS (Brain Products PowerMAG Research)

EGI EEG (High-Density 256 electrodes EGI EEG)

fNIRS (Rogue Research Brainsight)

fNIRS 1 (Brite 24 fNIRS)

fNIRS 2 (Brite 24 fNIRS)

Median Nerve Stimulation (Digitimer DS7A)

Physiological Suite Meeting Area

Physiological Suite Office

Physiological Suite Resting Area

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) (Magstim BiStim)


Virtual/Augmented Reality