Imaging Suite Alpinion E-CUBE 12R
Alpinion E-CUBE 12R
  • RF Cine Once the RF data has been obtained, researchers can recall, rescan, reconstruct or analyze the data anytime without any loss.
  • Multi-live Multi-live mode allows two different modes to be displayed side-by-side in real-time, and each parameter is independently adjustable.
  • Supporting conventional & plane wave simultaneously The E-CUBE 12R can simultaneously process both conventional imaging data and plane wave imaging data.
  • Extremely high frame rate E-CUBE 12R can acquire up to ten thousand frames per second by using plane wave with Full RF data.
  • Easy sequence programming with convenient interface The E-CUBE 12R's software is designed with easy-to-use and highly customizable sequence programmability. In addition, E-CUBE 12R has an advanced user interface including flexible sequence scripts and a convenient control panel with a touch screen interface.
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