Clinical Analysis Suite
Mass Spectrometry UPLC MS/MS
Agilent 6460
Agilent Triple Quad LCMS/MS Model 6460 Mass Spectrometer
The Agilent Triple Quad LCMS/MS system is well suited for both routine and complex analyses such as toxicology, environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical, and drugs of abuse testing. This system provides greater sensitivity and productivity for quantifying pharmaceutical candidates, measuring trace-level environmental or food contaminants, or confirming biomarkers. MassHunter Quantitative Analysis software provides quantitative results with minimal manual intervention.
Compound confirmation Identification of potential drug molecule generated from medicinal and organic chemistry departments
High throughput ADME assays for determination of metabolic stability, membrane transport properties, drug-drug interactions and initial toxicology screening of drug candidates.
Rapid identification of metabolites allows for screening of potential drug molecules with desirable metabolic properties and elimination of compounds with unfavourable metabolic stability and/or toxicity.
Bioanalysis Quantitation of drug compounds in biological matrices require both productive
LC/MS/MS method development and robust analysis of large numbers of samples with excellent linearity.
Impurity Analysis During the various stages of drug development, impurities need to be analyzed.
They range from minor components in natural mixtures to degradation products from drug formulations
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Mass Spectrometry UPLC MS/MS Agilent 6460