Clinical Analysis Suite NanoDrop 2000c
NanoDrop 2000c
NanoDrop 2000c, UV-Vis spectrophotometers measure 0.5 - 2 ul samples with accuracy and reproducibility used to quantify and assess purity of DNA, RNA, protein, and cell culture. Broader concentration range for measuring very low or very high concentrations.
  • Nucleic acid concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples
  • General UV-Vis spectrophotometry
  • Purified protein analysis (A280)
  • Fluorescent dye corporation for Micro array and Proteins and Labels applications
  • Expanded spectrum measurement and quantification of fluroescent dye labeled proteins, conjugates and metalloproteins
  • BCA Assay analysis of protein
  • Bradford Assay analysis of protein
  • Lowry Assay analysis of protein
  • Pierce 660 nm assay analysis of protein
  • Microbial cell culture measurements
  • Kinetic methods
  • Custom methods
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