Imaging Suite Supersonic Imagine Aixplorer
Supersonic Imagine Aixplorer
The SuperSonic Imagine Aixplorer system is a cart based ultrasound imaging system that contains a scan converter and can be coupled to a variety of linear, curved, micro-convex, and motorized linear array transducers to produce images, which are displayed on a LCD monitor.
An adjustable control panel with integrated touch screen allows the user to perform an ultrasound exam quickly and efficiently in accordance with ALARA principles.
The system also allows the user to perform measurements and associated calculations, capture images to digital memory or to an external device, and review diagnostic studies in the form of a report. The system functions in a manner similar to existing devices and transducers for the imaging modes: B-Mode, M-mode, Color Doppler imaging, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Harmonic Imaging, Amplitude Power Doppler imaging, Directional Amplitude Power imaging, Contrast Imaging, Elasticity Imaging, and 3D imaging.
Imaging applications
Abdominal, Small Organs, Musculoskeletal, Superficial Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Peripheral Vascular, OB-GYN, Pelvic, Pediatric, Neonatal/Adult Cephalic, Urology.
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